Speaking Engagements March 21, 2019
Four Points Sheraton

Cybersecurity is a Journey...Not a Destination

This is a breakfast meeting discussing the notion of Cybersecurity and what it really means for businesses today. Regardless of where your business resides in the Cybersecurity journey, our esteemed presenters will share lessons learned from their unique perspectives, to ultimately help your organization openly embrace the culture of cybersecurity. An approach that promotes shared responsibility and buy-in from all departments versus placing the full burden on IT.

Seminar presenters include:

  • Ed McGuire, Director of Specialty with focus on Cyber Liability for fbInsure
  • Jeff Miller, Channel manager for Cyberstone
  • Paul Smith, President, Datasmith Network Solutions

This seminar will help develop and prepare organizational leaders to uniquely identify and properly address some of the common pitfalls associated with securing company assets along with some actionable tips that can be implemented immediately to resolve those issues.


  • Understand the unique role leadership plays in creating a culture that promotes an effective cybersecurity posture
  • Learn how to secure your critical business assets by leveraging proven methodologies and approaches
  • Gain insights on how to align and implement cybersecurity policy and controls to reduce organizational risk