Speaking Engagements October 06, 2022 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


IP Pitfalls in M&A Transactions

For some MedTech deals, intellectual property can be a bomb in the basement. Many IP problems are rooted in inventorship and assignment issues arising from serial entrepreneurs and non-employee innovation contributors such as physicians, university researchers, and other consultant contributors.

Such issues can be avoided by understanding subject matter overlap with inventor legacy IP, vetting pre-existing inventor assignment obligations, and use of proper agreement type and scope with respect to foreground inventions. It is important to anticipate the expectations of an acquirer with respect to these issues, and the corresponding deal structures and provisions that may come into play.

Join Medtech partners Scott Bluni and Laurie Burlingame as they're joined by Todd Messal, Senior Managing Counsel and Director of Legal Operations for Boston Scientific as they discuss how to avoid IP pitfalls when dealing with M&A transactions.