Awards and Rankings April 11, 2018

John LeClaire and Gabrielle Gould Elected to Law360’s Editorial Advisory Boards for Private Equity and Competition

Co-Chair of Goodwin’s Private Equity practice, John LeClaire, and Financial Industry partner Gabrielle Gould were named to Law360’s Private Equity Editorial Advisory Board, and for the third time, Co-Chair of Goodwin’s Antitrust + Competition practice, was named to Law360’s Competition Editorial Advisory Board.

In response, LeClaire noted, “It’s remarkable how a heated market appears to become ever more heated as time goes by. Each process brings with it new learning about the importance of fast, decisive action, delivering certainty of closing and agreement to terms that seem to be ever more seller-favorable as buyers seek to preempt processes and win deals. The ABA and market participants have spent a substantial amount of time over the years tracking terms in private M&A deals; much of the information that has been published as a result of these efforts has been superseded by the evolution of the market in the current cycle. I look forward to contributing on Law360’s Private Equity Advisory Board and helping to ensure that the readership remains well-informed on the current and future industry trends.”

Gould continued, “With private equity fund raising setting new records, private equity litigation is sure to follow. Plaintiffs’ lawyers will continue to look for any and every deep pocket to sue, naming both funds and fund advisers. It will be interesting to see how some of the hot topics Law360 routinely covers will affect private equity litigation, including the continued increase and acceptance of litigation funding in private equity financing and the wild ride of the cryptocurrency markets, which could lead to investor disputes.”

She stated, “Antitrust enforcement continues apace at the federal agencies even though conventional wisdom suggested that it might slow under Republican presidential appointees. Understanding the texture and complexion of transactions that will pique the enforcers’ interest – potentially leading to closing delays and/or litigation – remains crucially important. Similarly, understanding the kinds of facts and arguments that will satisfy the enforcers that any given transaction is procompetitive is equally essential. My job is to understand both sides of that coin and ensure that Law360’s readers receive the best possible information on these issues.”