Awards and Rankings November 06, 2020

Tim Poydenis and Goodwin Named “Most Distinguished Volunteers” By Public Counsel

Tim Poydenis and Goodwin have been recognized by the Early Care & Education Law Unit of Public Counsel’s Community Development Project as the most distinguished volunteers this year.

This honor reflects the impact that our Los Angeles and Santa Monica lawyers have made in the child care provider community thanks in large part to Mr. Poydenis' leadership of this initiative. In April, Mr. Poydenis agreed to help launch the NBI California Child Care Provider team in partnership with Public Counsel’s Early Care & Education Law Unit and in coordination with NBI Boston’s Child Care Provider Initiative.

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with so many childcare providers in the LA community, who are the ones that deserve the real recognition here for managing to open their doors for so many families and children during what has been a difficult year for so many families on different levels,” Mr. Poydenis shared. “We are just happy to play a small part in their success and to lend a helping hand.”

Every year, each unit at Public Counsel chooses amongst its many volunteers for a group that made an incredible difference for its clients, and to honor them with the Volunteer of the Year Award.

Public Counsel noted, “Due to your assistance, so many child care programs have been able to keep their doors open to care for young children of working families. You’ve provided invaluable support to these small businesses by helping ease their concerns regarding liability and operating in the COVID-19 era.”

Tim Poydenis is a partner in the Technology group in Santa Monica.

To learn more about the firm and Mr. Poydenis' contributions to Public Counsel, please click here.