In The Press September 06, 2022

Pelosi Opposes Proposed American Data Privacy and Protection Act, Seeks New Preemption Compromise (International Association of Privacy Professionals)

Prospects for a landmark vote in the U.S. House on the proposed American Data Privacy and Protection Act boil down to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who decides when or if the comprehensive privacy bill's number will be considered on the House floor. IAPP Westin Emeritus Fellow and Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity partner Omer Tene said getting to the crux of Senate opposition and realizing what the proposed ADPPA could do for individuals in all 50 states requires Pelosi to call a vote. "The Speaker stated that 'Democrats won the right for consumers for the first time to be able to seek damages in court for violations of their privacy rights.' Yet that right has not been won until ADPPA passes and it is currently held up because the Speaker won't bring it to a floor vote," Tene said while speaking with International Association of Privacy Professionals. "While the Speaker is from California, consumers in 49 other states would benefit from the unprecedented protections in ADPPA. In fact, ADPPA provides stronger protections than those existing in California too."