Awards and Rankings November 15, 2022

Kristopher Brown Named NOME Mentor of the Year

On November 11, Life Sciences partner Kristopher Brown was named Mentor of the Year by the Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship (NOME) after being nominated for this honor for the second year in a row. Founded in 2016, NOME is an elite mentoring program for life sciences start-ups. It is funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation, an international enterprise foundation focused on medical treatment and research, and operated by Accelerance, one of the world’s top ten life sciences accelerators.

Kris has volunteered for NOME since 2017 and became a NOME mentor in 2018. Over the past five years, he has mentored seven early-stage Nordic life sciences companies located in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland:

  1. StemSight Oy (Finland)
  2. AnaCardio AB (Sweden)
  3. Sartar Therapeutics Ltd. (Finland)
  4. ApoGlyx AB (Sweden)
  5. Brain+ A/S (Denmark)
  6. Stayble Therapeutics AB (Sweden)
  7. ResoTher Pharma AB (Denmark)

Kris is an experienced life sciences corporate lawyer with a focus on venture-stage, pre-IPO, and public companies. He negotiates and structures private equity and venture capital financing transactions and advises his clients on corporate and transactional matters for numerous financing and corporate strategic investors as well as emerging growth companies in the life sciences, healthcare, financial, and technology sectors.

In addition to his practice, Kris is a member of Brown University’s Advisory Council on Entrepreneurship and a member of the National Advisory Council for, a fundraising site for teachers that helps provide students with classroom tools that make learning easier and more enjoyable, for which he also served as the pro bono general counsel until 2018. Kris also serves on the investor board of Venture for America, the advisory board of Lyfebulb, and as a Blueprint Health mentor.

Kris was recognized for this honor in Copenhagen, Denmark on November 11.