Video July 15, 2021

Town Hall for Small Businesses: Strategies for Tough Situations

Goodwin’s Neighborhood Business Initiative recently partnered with TrustPlus to host a Town Hall discussion about strategies for small businesses facing tough situations. A recording of the event is available below. Topics covered included:

  • Personal financial considerations for business owners;
  • Importance of separating business and personal finances;
  • Practical considerations when negotiating with creditors and landlords;
  • Anatomy of a workout;
  • Evaluating goals and options;
  • Special considerations when negotiating with landlords; and
  • When small business bankruptcy may be a valuable tool in the business’ toolbox.

Goodwin panelists Anna Dodson, Kizzy Jarashow, and Chad Vella were joined by Ashley Wessier and Jonathan Lee from TrustPlus for this important discussion.

This presentation was offered on June 17, 2021 and may not have been updated since. Changes in the law may render our analyses to some extent obsolete, and if the viewer has a specific question, he or she should seek legal advice that is both timely and specific to their situation.

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