Food & Healthy Living

Businesses focused on food, restaurants, dietary supplements and healthy living come to Goodwin for leading expertise and a holistic suite of services. The Goodwin team assists with product labeling and advertising issues, trademark and patent issues, regulatory matters and agency investigations, and private equity and transactional advice. Our litigation work includes defending Federal Trade Commission (FTC) advertising complaints, enforcement actions and prosecutions, IP matters, consumer class actions and products liability matters, as well as counseling on risk management and litigation avoidance.

Our lawyers also work with private equity firms that focus on restaurants, dietary supplement marketers, specialty food manufacturers and other food businesses. We advise them on food industry issues and help them develop both investment and exit strategies. The ongoing convergence of capital and innovation requires advisors who are equally fluent in both worlds. Goodwin’s unique combination of deep experience in a rapidly-changing, technology-driven economy sets us apart.

Food and nutritional businesses also rely on us for corporate transactions, many of which involve vendor agreements, product line sales or acquisitions, reorganizations or financial restructuring, as well as intellectual property and employment issues.

We counsel clients on everything from nutritional supplements, food additives, functional foods and dietary supplements to herbs, natural/organic foods, and food packaging. As the science of food technology evolves, we’re working in emerging areas such as functional foods, nutraceuticals, antimicrobial “smart” packaging, genetic engineering and nanotechnology. Clients include manufacturers, marketers, wholesalers, retail companies, restaurants, and industry organizations.