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December 6, 2021

Prescribing Change: Empowering Communities Through Healthy Food

About Fresh is a groundbreaking non-profit organization taking a novel approach to creating a healthier community by fostering partnerships with public health systems and civic leaders to expand access to fresh food for those with limited access.

The non-profit organization operates various programs that share a core mission of bringing government health services and healthcare providers to the table to ensure that individuals with limited means have access to fresh, culturally-relevant food.

About Fresh first started working towards this goal through its Boston-based Fresh Truck which supports local communities and brings fresh food to areas that lack high-quality, fresh food.

In September 2021, About Fresh launched the first-of-its-kind Fresh Connect card, which amplified the mission throughout Massachusetts.

The Fresh Connect program acts similar to a prescription, with doctors prescribing foods to a patient which can be purchased at participating grocery stores, mobile and farmers markets using the Fresh Connect Visa debit card,[1] which is supported through healthcare partnerships and operated through a HIPAA-compliant platform.

“Fresh Connect can sustainably drive millions of dollars in annual healthcare spending toward supporting people who struggle to access healthy food – not only in Massachusetts, but nationwide,” said Josh Trautwein, Co-founder and CEO of About Fresh.

The program works in tandem with healthcare providers and hospitals in an effort to begin to bridge the gap in Massachusetts as a prototype for other programs to help the more than 35 million people nationally who struggle to access fresh food.

In addition to increasing access to fresh food, the program leverages patient data to provide cost-effective solutions and measure the health impact of prescribed foods.

“Fresh Connect is about creating purchasing power and agency for our cardholders in a manner that accounts for food culture and all of the different ways people do their food shopping. Fresh Connect represents a fundamental shift toward a more equitable food economy,” Trautwein said.

About Fresh is committed to creating a stronger community by getting fresh food to households that need it most. In addition to Fresh Truck and Fresh Connect, the organization launched a donor program known as So Fresh in October 2021. So Fresh is About Fresh's monthly giving community that advocates, amplifies and uplifts people and food culture.

So Fresh is a way for individuals to contribute on a monthly basis to support and stay connected to About Fresh in its mission.

Visit So Fresh – About Fresh to donate and join the So Fresh community.

About Fresh At A Glance

  • Founded in 2012
  • Boston-based 501c(3) non-profit organization
  • Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Goodwin client since September 2017
  • Client relationship led by Mike Minahan, partner in the firm’s Technology Companies and Capital Markets practices
  • Supported by 28 lawyers through Goodwin’s Pro Bono Initiative

[1]Card Disclaimer: The Fresh Connect Card is the About Fresh Visa Reloadable Corporate Incentive Prepaid Card