Gaming & Gambling

Gaming and gambling in the United States is a big business, worth $240 billion as of 2014. What was once just a brick-and-mortar niche limited mainly to Las Vegas and a handful of other cities has exploded into a nationwide industry. As gaming and gambling have spread and grown, so too have the associated laws and regulations. Goodwin’s lawyers are well equipped to advise gaming and gambling operators, entrepreneurs, and investors in navigating the complex federal, state, tribal, and local laws, and to litigate and try disputes when necessary.

Most recently, fantasy sports have taken center stage in the world of online gaming, with over 56 million players, nearly $20 billion in annual spending, and intense scrutiny from state attorneys general, legislatures, class-action lawyers, and federal prosecutors. Goodwin’s lawyers have been and will continue to be there advising, representing, and protecting operators and investors. But Goodwin’s gaming and gambling expertise is not limited to online fantasy sports. We also represent multiple clients seeking to establish or grow their presence in land-based casinos and gaming establishments, online gaming generally, and virtual markets and currencies.