Big Molecule Watch
June 28, 2016

IMS Health Report “The Impact of Biosimilar Competition” is Released

Last week, IMS Health released a report entitled “The Impact of Biosimilar Competition”.  The report is an update of an earlier May 2015 report that noted that biosimilar uptake could save European and American health systems up to $110 billion by 2020.  The current report discusses the expected changes to price, volume and market share following the market entry of biosimilars.

The report specifically noted that the four established therapy areas with biosimilar competition (epoetins, G-CSFs, HGH, and anti-TNFs) show a consistent picture of reduced average prices, even if biosimilar uptake is relatively low. The report found that with biosimilar entry, price reductions were not just seen for the directly comparable products but for the entire product class. And even in countries with low initial usage, the report expects that lower prices will increase patient access.

The report also contains appendices listing the biosimilars currently approved by and under review by the EMA.

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