Big Molecule Watch
June 1, 2017

EMA Releases Informational Guide on Biosimilars for Healthcare Providers

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Commission have jointly released an informational guide on biosimilars for healthcare providers.  The guide aims to inform healthcare providers about the benefits of biosimilars to their practices and patients.

Professor Guido Rasi, Executive Director of the EMA, states the following in his Foreword: “As healthcare professionals are at the forefront of patients’ care, it is vital that they have access to reliable information on these medicines: what they are and what scientific principles support their clinical development, approval and safety monitoring. This guide has therefore been prepared with the important objective of providing healthcare professionals with reference information on both the science and regulation underpinning the use of biosimilars.”

This guide was prepared by the EMA in collaboration with the European Commission and scientific experts from EU Member States. Feedback from EU healthcare organizations was also sought throughout the preparation of the guide.