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October 24, 2017

Additional Updates: Amgen v. Hospira

Further to our update yesterday on the Amgen v. Hospira litigation, the parties in the case filed several additional motions yesterday.

Following its filing of a motion for judgment as a matter of law under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 50(a) last month, Hospira has now filed a renewed motion for judgment as a matter of law under Rule 50(b) asking the Court to set aside the jury verdict and find that the accused batches manufactured by Hospira are protected under the § 271(e)(1) safe harbor, the asserted claims of the  ’298 patents are not infringed, the asserted claims of the ’298 patent are invalid, and damages can be no greater than $1.5 million per batch, if sold.  In the alternative, Hospira moved for a new trial and/or reduction of the damages award pursuant to Rule 59.  Hospira’s brief in support of its Rule 50(b) motion can be found here.

Amgen also filed a renewed motion for judgment as a matter of law under Rule 50(b) that Hospira infringed claims 1-7 of the ‘349 patent, having moved for such judgment under Rule 50(a) during trial before the case was submitted to the jury, which returned a verdict of non-infringement of the ‘349 patent claims. In the alternative, Amgen requests a new trial on infringement of the ‘349 claims.  A copy of Amgen’s opening brief in support of its motion can be found here.

Finally, Amgen filed a motion for prejudgment and post-judgment interest, asking the Court to award prejudgment interest to Amgen in the amount of $10,018,006 plus additional interest until final judgment is entered, and post-judgment interest on the amount of the judgment beginning on the date the Court enters final judgment until Hospira pays Amgen.

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