Big Molecule Watch
May 1, 2018

Four More States Consider Biosimilar Substitution Bills

As we reported last month, many state legislatures have passed or are considering biosimilar substitution bills.  Alaska, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Vermont are the latest states to join this list.

Last week, the Alaska legislature passed SB 32, entitled “Prescriptions for Biological Products,” which allows substitution of “an interchangeable biological product in place of the prescribed biological product.”  As of this date, it is awaiting approval by Governor Bill Walker.

Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Vermont have introduced and are currently considering similar legislation regarding interchangeable biological products.  Connecticut has introduced SB 197, an “Act Concerning Biological Products.” The act defines “interchangeable biological product[s]” and allows a pharmacist to substitute a biological product if it is interchangeable.  New Hampshire’s biosimilar bill, SB 350, contains similar provisions, and last week was referred for interim study.  Vermont’s bill, S.92, is entitled “An act relating to interchangeable biologic products.”  It was passed in the Senate, and is being considered by the House, which has proposed amendments.

Check back with Big Molecule Watch for future biosimilar legislation updates.

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