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January 6, 2020

DEAL WATCH: End-of-Year Biosimilar Agreements

Following the string of biosimilar agreements announced in early November, a number of additional transactions were announced in early December, bringing 2019 to a roaring close with global biosimilars deals.

On December 1, 2019, Luye Pharma Group announced that it acquired Shandong Boan Biological Technology Co. Ltd. (Boan), strengthening its position in biopharmaceuticals, including biosimilars.  According to the press release, the deal includes “a series of assets from Boan comprising the entire product pipeline, antibody screening platform, antibody manufacturing platform and related intellectual property, among others, establishing a complete industry chain covering R&D, manufacturing and commercialization in the biopharmaceutical arena.”  Luye further stated that “Boan, along with its development in biosimilar and innovative biological products, quality global clinical R&D and commercialization assets, will play a significant role in Luye Pharma’s biopharmaceutical strategy.”

On December 2, Gene Techno Science Co., Ltd. (GTS) announced that it executed an agreement with Kishi Kasei Co., Ltd. for the joint development of a biosimilar of EYLEA (aflibercept).  The press release indicates that GTS will be responsible for “establishing a manufacturing process for the drug substance using high yield protein producing cell lines,” and Kishi Kasei will build the manufacturing system for the drug substance.  “In parallel,” GTS states, “we will search for a partner to jointly promote drug development, non-clinical studies, clinical studies, manufacturing and marketing approvals, sales, etc., and build business structure for a commercialization of this biosimilar product.”

Also on December 2, Kamada Ltd. announced that it entered into an agreement with Alvotech to commercialize six biosimilar candidates in Alvotech’s portfolio in Israel.  The press release states the pipeline includes a biosimilar to FORTEO/FORSTEO (teriparatide), which Kamada expects to launch in Israel during 2022; and five other biosimilar candidates that Kamada expects to launch in Israel over the course of 2023-2025—all subject to receiving Israeli regulatory approval.  Kamada states that “Alvotech will maintain development, manufacturing and supply responsibilities for all products.”

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