April 4, 2006

Financial Services Alert - April 4, 2006

  • FRB Releases Draft Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Regarding “Basel II”
  • FRB Governor Bies Makes Presentation Concerning Certain Recent FRB Regulatory Initiatives
  • Basel Committee Issues Guidance on Use of Vendor Products in Basel II
  • MSRB Files Proposed Guidance with SEC Regarding Dealer Disclosure and Suitability Analysis Obligations Relating to 529 Plans
  • SEC 2007 Performance Budget Provides Information on Enforcement, Rulemaking, Examination and Disclosure Review Activities and Goals
  • AFSCME and The Corporate Library Release Study on Proxy Voting by Eighteen Large Mutual Fund Families
  • OTS Proposes Preapproved Bylaw Precluding Board Membership for Individuals Who Have Been Indicted or Convicted of Certain Crimes or Have Been the Subject of Certain Regulatory Sanctions
  • Report Issued Concerning Improving Privacy Notices