September 17, 2020

Fintech 2020: A Global Survey on the State of Financial Technology

Goodwin’s recently held inaugural Global Survey on the State of Financial Technology shed light on some of the most pressing issues facing this vibrant sector at the intersection of capital and innovation. While the fintech sector continues to grow steadily, the results of our global survey suggest that much disruption is still to come. From data and analytics to cybersecurity and evolving regulatory frameworks, there are significant opportunities and challenges for both investors and innovators around the world as the digital transformation of financial markets continues to accelerate.

Goodwin Fintech Practice with Rich Lee, Managing Director, Head of Global Investments, Bank of America, Rob Frohwein, CEO of Kabbage, and Cale Coons, Vice President of Enterprise Compliance and Risk at Freedom Financial Network, dug in to the findings of our global survey and highlight the opportunities your company can take advantage of today – and the challenges you might encounter tomorrow.

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