May 20, 2021

Proud to be Asian and Pacific American

Goodwin colleagues of Asian and Pacific Island heritage share their pride in their identity in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, which pays tribute to generations of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who have influenced and enriched U.S. culture and society, was first designated as a week in 1978 before it was changed to a month in 1992. Despite the month being around for almost three decades to celebrate and honor their contributions, we have recently witnessed a surge in anti-Asian attacks in the United States that have taken away from these celebrations. In response to these attacks, we came together as a one Goodwin community to create this PSA video to show that our Asian American and Pacific Islander employees are more than their race and ethnicity. We are polyglots, leaders, and valuable members that bring so much to the table and we are proud to be Asian. At Goodwin, we actively denounce racism and strive to become the most inclusive firm in the legal industry. We must all do our part to address exclusion and inequity of all types.

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