June 23, 2022

“The Sower”: The Power of Coming Together

In celebration of diversity, equity and inclusion, Goodwin commissioned a poem, “The Sower,” by artist Yuki Jackson that speaks to the power of coming together. 

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The Sower

Imagine the seeds are spread by wind so they can grow
and each wind begins in your chest–
and all these seeds you’ve planted through your breath
are now emerging from the Earth
as evidence that there is a time to reap what you’ve sown–
like all the needlework embroidery
that you’ve pierced into the fabric of our world,
you can only make out in cursive what you’ve written in thread,
found while searching for the fiber you envisioned–
bold enough to be seen yet fine enough to slip in–
with each swift motion focused fingers work together on a  single point–
the goal is to show an installation known as The DoorWay Effect,
giving homage to how quickly we forget the purpose we  came with–
gathered at each stitch,
all thanks to the eye through which we entered
so that we can see the bigger picture,
the image of us entering the door that this embroidery will adorn,
saying “through me you enter your Self” –
our shared understanding, the fruit of our labor,
like the life that can only be born
from us coming together

 Yuki Jackson