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Life Sciences M&A: New Findings On Structured M&A and Returns from Earn-Outs

December 14, 2016 | 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Goodwin's Boston Office, 100 Northern Avenue, Boston


Life sciences exits involve some of the most difficult and creative deal negotiations. Transactions that have substantial contingent consideration paid out after the deal closes have become the norm for life sciences M&A deals. Deal negotiation and terms along with post-closing management can powerfully impact investor and client returns.

Please join us for a data-driven discussion of recent deal trends, earn-out milestones and achievement rates based on SRS Acquiom's 2016 Life Sciences M&A Earnout Achievement Update 
Discussion topics will include:

  • Earn-out milestone achievement rates from over 100 deals 
  • Common reasons why milestones are missed, how disputes play out, and how some deals have been renegotiated 
  • Post-closing best practices for managing relationships with the acquirer and investigation of milestone status

gilman  Michael Gilman
Stromedix and Padlock
Former CEO 
morrissey  Donald Morrissey
SRS Acquiom
Head of Life Sciences 
taft  Kingsley Taft
Co-Chair, Life Sciences Practice 

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