“Law, Science Fiction and Adventure, Oh My!”

April 1, 20202 · 1 PM - 2 PM PST


COVID-19 has deeply affected a lot of our lives and is constantly on people’s minds. On April 1, Goodwin hosted a CLE to give people a fun escape from shelter in place. Should you want information related to COVID-19’s legal implications, please visit Goodwin’s COVID-19 Knowledge Center.

In this fun continuing legal education program, Neel Chatterjee partnered with creators of The Legal Geeks, Josh Gilliland and Jessica Mederson, to bring law to science fiction, fantasy, and adventure films. Having given countless CLE programs for Comic Con, Wondercon, Alien Con, Comic Fest and other fests and cons, Neel, Josh, and Jessica are experts on bringing the fanciful to the hard work of law.

This April Fools’ Day webinar covered legal issues related to Star Trek, Star Wars, the Avengers and X-Men. Topics ranged from tort liability of defective Storm Trooper body armor to the constitutionality of mutant registration. As an added bonus, we polled guests in game show format. Get away from the weighty issues of the day and enjoy this educational and entertaining CLE.

* Please note that our webinar and event recordings are for informational purposes only; CLE credit is only available for our guests attending live webinars and other events.

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