Speaking Engagements

REI Leasing Roundtable

April 8, 2020


Goodwin’s Leasing group hosted a virtual roundtable meeting to ask questions and discuss the impact of COVID-19 within the brokerage community.

Topics include:

  • In which other asset classes besides retail are we seeing tenant distress?
  • What are tenants looking for in terms of rent relief (abatement, deferral, other workout hybrids), and what has the typical response from landlords been?
  • What is happening with deals that were in process when the crisis began? Are parties proceeding to close? Are tenants looking renegotiate?
  • Some, if not most tenants have met with confusion in determining how the CARES Act could assist. Are there particular areas of the legislation of concern to tenants?
  • From a business perspective, how is tenant confidence about their businesses rebounding once the quarantine is lifted and COVID-19 numbers start to decrease?