Healthcare: Racism Exists Here Too

May 12, 2021


Please join us for the next firmwide event of the Be Part of the Solution (BPOTS) Series, meant to educate and provide attendees with a safe space for meaningful discussions around race in the U.S. This event will be led by Goodwin panelists Simone Robinson, Jerri Williams and Theresa DeLoach as well as Goodwin Healthcare Tech/Life Science partner Delphine O’Rourke, an authoritative expert in healthcare laws and regulations as well as an advocate for women’s health and wellness. We are honored to have special guest panelist, Dr. Yolandra Hancock, a board-certified pediatrician and obesity specialist and concurrently an Assistant Professor of Public Health at George Washington University. The panel will discuss the historical and current discrepancies in our healthcare system, with an emphasis on its impact on people of color. They will also discuss some of the most recent healthcare updates from the Biden Administration.

We hope you take this opportunity to lean in and join this interactive program, especially as we continue to navigate the impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic.