Press Release
September 12, 2006

Diversity Statement

Our Commitment

Goodwin Procter is committed to promoting diversity – in our law firm and in the legal profession.

What We Believe

Inherent in our firm’s core values is a belief that every attorney and staff member deserves a supportive, meritocratic environment in which people of all backgrounds are given the opportunity to excel and thrive.

This vision is interwoven in our recruitment, hiring and training practices, and enhanced through our participation in various organizations and programs devoted to the promotion of a broadly inclusive community.


Promoting diversity allows us to:

  • Affirm Goodwin Procter’s core values
  • Serve our clients more effectively
  • Help the legal profession ensure equal access to justice
  • Further our commitment to giving back to the communities in which we work and live



Goodwin Procter has an active Diversity Committee, established by the leaders of the firm specifically to advance our commitment to racial and ethnic diversity, which we embrace, support and celebrate. The Committee’s mission is to develop innovative strategies to achieve four strategic cornerstones:

  • Attracting highly talented law students and attorneys of color
  • Supporting attorneys of color through strategic professional development and mentoring
  • Helping the firm as a community to become increasingly culturally aware and appreciative of diversity
  • Leveraging our diversity to strengthen Goodwin Procter’s competitiveness in the markets for clients and top talent

To accomplish these goals, we have created task forces to focus on specific initiatives, with well-defined short, medium and long-term goals. These efforts involve:

  • Attracting highly talented students and attorneys of color through effective recruiting
  • Mentoring, monitoring and supporting the professional progress of our attorneys of color
  • Supporting attorneys of color in their integration, and increasing cultural awareness and appreciation of diversity at our firm
  • Building connections to and promoting firm involvement with external communities of color
  • Promoting the business case for diversity throughout the firm, and improving our responsiveness to clients
  • Ensuring strategy alignment and effective Committee support from top leadership

In 2004, we hired a full-time Chief Human Resources Officer and a full-time Director of Professional Development, who have direct oversight of Goodwin Procter’s diversity efforts and both of whom serve on the firm’s Diversity Committee.

We are proud of the progress we have made towards promoting diversity at our law firm and in the legal profession. We remain committed to devoting significant resources and bringing innovative approaches to our efforts.

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