Press Release
November 15, 2006

Gifts for the Homeless -- Our Office's Annual Holiday Effort to Help the Area's Homeless


Our office annually supports Gifts for the Homeless ("GFTH"), a coordinated effort by DC’s legal community to help the area’s homeless.

There are four ways you can participate:

  • Donate lightly used, clean clothing, blankets & sleeping bags. Please place the items in Office #676 (the same office as last year). All donations must be received by Friday, December 1. All contributions to GFTH are tax-deductible. If you make a clothing donation and would like a receipt, please e-mail Marva Deskins or Melissa Briggs and we will provide one.
  • Make a monetary contribution. Because GFTH is run by law firm volunteers who absorb the overhead costs of the project, all of your donation goes to buy new clothing items such as thermal underwear and socks. Please give your check -- made payable to GFTH -- to Marva Deskins (917) or Melissa Briggs (949). Or donate online at
  • Volunteer to help our firm's efforts. We need volunteers to help on December 1 -- one or two people to help sort clothing and four or five people to drive bags of clothing over to the collection site at 1200 D St SW. Please e-mail Marva Deskins and Melissa Briggs if you would like to volunteer.
  • Volunteer at the main GFTH site at 1200 D St SW on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, December 1, 2 or 3. Huge amounts of donations have to be received, sorted, and delivered. Many volunteers choose to bring their older children or teenagers. A sign up form is attached. Feel free to volunteer in groups -- on top of being a good thing to do together as co-workers or friends, it can make the experience a lot of fun!
    1. Thanks,

      Marva Deskins (x 4230) and Melissa Briggs (x 4251)

      Additional information is available in the attached memo, Volunteer Sign-Up form and at