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Awards and Rankings
September 14, 2008

Goodwin Procter Honored by Boston Business Journal

On September 5, 2008, Goodwin Procter was recognized by the Boston Business Journal at its Corporate Philanthropy & Citizenship Summit with the Arts Partner of the Year Award. This award recognizes companies which demonstrate innovation and the development of best practices in specific partnerships with nonprofit organizations. In this instance, the award reflects a partnership which has grown out of the firm's hosting of the Arts & Business Council in its Boston office over the past eight years. Celeste Wilson, the Executive Director of the Arts & Business Council, nominated the firm for this honor.

Celeste remarked that Goodwin Procter has done far more than many nonprofit organizations can expect from a sponsor, and that it is unlikely the Arts & Business Council would have lasted as long without being under Goodwin Procter’s roof. The arrangement between Goodwin Procter and the Arts & Business Council has allowed the Council to take precious financial resources that it would have otherwise had to put toward overhead and devote those resources to its mission at a critical time in its life.

Regina Pisa is quick to point out that the Council's presence has greatly enriched life at the firm, as well. Celeste and her team have developed personal relationships with the lawyers and staff at Goodwin Procter, who have enjoyed the opportunity to learn about their mission and to see firsthand how a nonprofit organization operates. In addition, members of the firm have benefited from the substantive aspects of the program, and from the valuable connections they have made to the community through arts groups such as the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, CityStage and the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, to name a few.

The summit included a keynote address by Ted Kelly, Chairman, President & CEO, Liberty Mutual Group, and a panel discussion which included Regina, along with Moderator Paul Grogan, President & CEO of The Boston Foundation; Stephen Pagliuca, Managing Partner & Exec. Committee Member of the Boston Celtics and Managing Director of Bain Capital; Kevin Phelan, President of Colliers Meredith & Grew; and David Shapiro, President & CEO of Mass Mentoring.