Press Release
January 9, 2014

Start-up Success Through Founders Workbench

Our Founders Workbench is a free online resource that helps entrepreneurs navigate the legal and organizational challenges faced by start-ups and emerging companies. We have helped many companies including Formlabs, Klout, Fashion Project, Songza and AppDynamics through all phases of starting up. Our Founders Workbench Success Stories profile the achievements of start-ups at all stages.

The free Founders Workbench tools include:

  • Document Driver: Free self-service tools for generating all required legal documents for LLC and C-Corp formation
  • Capital Calculator: A web application which allows founders to instantly calculate dilution and liquidity under different financing and exit scenarios
  • Deal Dictionary: A web application that helps introduce founders to the often obscure legal and financial terms used by VCs and angel investors

See all of these tools and more at and follow Founders Workbench on Twitter for all of the latest start-up news.