Press Release
December 10, 2019

Goodwin’s Business Team and Chief Operating Officer Michael Caplan Honored by The American Lawyer and Financial Times


The American Lawyer named Goodwin Best Business Team at the American Lawyer Industry Awards on December 4, and the Financial Times recognized Goodwin Chief Operating Officer Michael Caplan as a leading Legal Intrapreneur at the North America Innovative Lawyer Awards on December 9.

The American Lawyer Industry Awards honor law firms and in-house legal departments for outstanding achievements in the legal profession. Goodwin was selected Best Business Team for “working with clients to understand their needs” and delivering unique initiatives such as “best practice panels, operational and technology support, and shared risk/reward investment with clients.”

The Financial Times North America Innovative Lawyer Awards is a program that assesses legal professionals on their innovation for clients and in their own businesses. Caplan was chosen as one of the top five Legal Intrapreneurs in the industry for his leadership in developing “a new model of working with clients” that offers them “both legal advice and business-of-law services.” He was previously named The Changing Lawyer Awards 2019 Legal Innovator of the Year and North American Operations Executive of the Year by the 2018 Best in Biz Awards.

These accomplishments reflect the firm’s focus on connectivity and convergence, ability to transform client relationships into strategic partnerships, and the efforts of Caplan and Goodwin’s more than 820 non-lawyer professionals around the world.