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November 8, 2022

Most Charitable States for 2023 (WalletHub)

Not all charities are created equal. Choosing among them — in addition to deciding whether to give money, time or both and how much — can be a challenge. Tax-Exempt Organizations associate Carrie Garber Siegrist shared guidance on choosing the right charity with WalletHub. "Donors who want to make contributions to charities have a variety of tools to guide them in selecting organizations. If an individual would like to make a deductible contribution, then the donor should ensure that the IRS recognizes the charity as an eligible recipient. To do so, the IRS provides the Tax Exempt Organization Search online tool. Donors may search name, EIN, and location to pull up a charity’s profile and, in some cases, view recent filings. Eligible charities are included in what is referred to as 'Pub 78,'" said Garber Siegrist.