In the Press
March 9, 2023

Law Firms Want More From Vendors To Fill Software Gaps (Law360)

Even as artificial intelligence tools gain popularity in the legal industry, some law firm leaders are frustrated with gaps in the market in the way the platforms are sold and advertised. When pitching to law firms, it may not be wise for vendors to talk about how "transformative" and "groundbreaking" their software can be, said Chief Innovation Officer Rachel Dooley. Instead, Dooley said she wants vendors to talk about how their technology works and how easy it is to use. "You have to figure out how to explain the functionality without giving away the special sauce, or we're never going to be able to sell it to our users in a real meaningful way," Dooley said to Law360. "We need to understand the technology enough to feel like we can sell it to our stakeholders as to the value proposition."