In the Press
June 20, 2023

Goodwin’s Wait for New CFO Comes to an End (The American Lawyer)


Goodwin, which has had a vacant CFO role for close to 18 months, said Christina Wong, a former American Express executive, has stepped into the job in New York, The American Lawyer reports. The firm’s Chief Operating Officer and architect of the GO! Team, said the firm’s 18-month search was in part due to the very specific asks the firm had for the role. Wong, with her client-centric approach that plays well with Goodwin’s strategy, won out, they said. “The firm is excited to have her on board, and I am excited to have a seasoned partner to work with,” they said. “As the COO, the CFO is my partner and Christina will help us continue to differentiate ourselves through our GO! Team.” Wong said that the impression she got from the law firm on its working environment sealed the deal. “The collegiality and collaborative way they work made a difference [in deciding to move to Goodwin], as did their efforts around diversity, equity and inclusion,” she said. “And they have been on a tremendous upward trajectory.”