In the Press
September 12, 2023

Goodwin Picks Up Partner in San Francisco (

Leon Johnson, a Private Equity partner, has moved to Goodwin in San Francisco, the firm said Tuesday. “The days of exclusively doing control acquisitions and buyouts are over, now to fully support private equity firms you need to navigate traditional PE, but also 50/50s and partnerships. Leon’s skillset in particular, with his experience working in the growth ecosystem, is particularly important as we built depth and breadth in what is a destination practice for growth equity,” said Brian McPeake, co-chair of Goodwin’s private equity practice to “As the broader market has shifted, I felt the need to find a platform that had the expertise I need,” Johnson said. “We went on a ten-year bull run in growth equity, and market terms were very favorable to companies. As the market has shifted, Goodwin understands the company and the investor side.”