Awards and Rankings
October 23, 2023

Lawyers for Good Government Honors Goodwin with 2023 Outstanding Pro Bono Partner Award

In recognition of this year’s National Celebration of Pro Bono, Lawyers for Good Government (L4GG) named Goodwin a recipient of its 2023 Outstanding Pro Bono Partner Award. L4GG is a leading non-profit organization that mobilizes pro bono legal support for human rights programs, and the Outstanding Pro Bono Partner Award recognizes firms for their exceptional contributions to L4GG’s mission of mobilizing lawyers for social justice. 

Traci Feit Love, L4GG’s founder and Executive Director, emphasized, “Goodwin has been an exceptional collaborator and a true champion in our mission to mobilize pro bono legal support for equal justice. Their unwavering support and dedication, particularly in our Reproductive Health Legal Assistance Project (RHLAP), has been instrumental in creating impactful, positive change.”

Lauren Worsek, L4GG’s Director of Pro Bono Initiatives, elaborated on the importance of the RHLAP Program: "In today's shifting legal landscape, reproductive health clinicians are faced with daily decisions requiring clear, up-to-date legal guidance. L4GG's RHLAP has mobilized over 500 attorneys to provide essential support, and Goodwin took on the challenge.”

Goodwin partner Sabrina Rose-Smith shared, “Being part of L4GG's Reproductive Health Assistance Project appealed to Goodwin deeply. With increasing attacks on both reproductive rights and transgender rights, pro bono services are in more critical need now than ever before. Goodwin is proud to partner with L4GG on this important work.”

In addition, Goodwin’s work on L4GG’s Transgender Health report underlined the systemic challenges faces by the transgender community. Through a comprehensive state-by-state analysis, Goodwin and L4GG managed to highlight disparities, discriminatory practices, and areas ripe for advocacy. 

Worsek emphasized, “Their dedication extends far and wide. From the RHLAP to the Lawyers for Racial Justice program, and even the TPS Pro Bono Project for Ukraine, Goodwin’s contributions have been vast and impactful.”

As the legal community prepares to celebrate pro bono efforts nationwide, L4GG recognized Goodwin with the Outstanding Pro Bono Partner Award as a testament to how instrumental the firm’s partnership has been in the fight for a more just future.