Awards and Rankings
November 7, 2023

Goodwin Recognized as a Tipping the Scales Law Firm by the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance

Goodwin announced it has been named a 2023 Tipping The Scales Law Firm by the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance.

The Diversity and Flexibility Alliance collaborates with organizations to develop inclusive flexible working cultures that cultivate diversity in leadership, drive workplace wellbeing, and foster a more humanized work experience. The Alliance provides practical research-based solutions, customizable training programs, strategic advisory services and a peer-learning network that increase organizational effectiveness through diversity and flexibility. The Alliance recognized the seventy-eight law firms that had 50% or more women in their 2023 new partner class, globally and/or US-based, as “Tipping the Scales” and they were honored at the Alliance’s annual conference.

Learn more about Goodwin’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts.