In the Press
November 7, 2023

Big Law’s AI Jobs Lay Foundation for Tech’s Wider Use at Firms (Bloomberg Tax)


Generative AI is coming to Big Law’s back office, judging by job listings posted over the last few months. Goodwin hasn’t launched its own AI platform, said Rachel Dooley, the firm’s Chief Innovation Officer. The firm’s focus is on assisting clients with their own crash courses in how to gain the most from the technology. That means avoiding pitfalls like “hallucinations"—during which programs spit out falsehoods or nonsensical “facts” with seeming confidence—that still can be found in programs like GPT-4, Google’s Bard, and Microsoft’s Bing. Dooley said to Bloomberg Tax that her team has led four video round-table discussions at the firm, which are now held monthly. The first talk attracted about 600 people. “People are hungry to learn about it,” she said. The firm is planning to hire for several more positions also focused on AI.