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March 22, 2024

Calif. Regulators' Pitch On Insurance Reform Draws Scrutiny (Law360)


While insurers largely view the effort to speed up the rate approval process as potentially adding new uncertainty to the process, they have welcomed the catastrophe modeling proposal as a way to help set the most accurate rates possible. Consumer advocates say the modeling rules would fail to address concerns over how the models work, and could leave policyholders subject to higher rates in the dark. Alexander Selarnick, Goodwin's associate who represents insurers and insurance technology companies, mentioned he didn't anticipate transparency concerns would be a significant hindrance to the regulation's adoption. But he did expect significant disagreement over the use of NDAs in the process." Private companies developing the models may consider the proposed protections insufficient to protect their interests, while consumers may advocate for increased transparency and public review." The proposed modeling regulation is expected to boost market competition and stabilize rates. More in Law360.