In the Press
May 9, 2024

Forecasting the DOJ’s AI enforcement priorities (Compliance Week)

Allan Medina, former senior deputy chief in the DOJ Criminal Division’s Fraud Section and Complex Litigation & Dispute Resolution partner at Goodwin, recommended getting feedback from data scientists on what they are seeing in the field and what they understand and don’t understand as it relates to AI. There is a lot of discussion around getting the data, “But do people understand it?” he commented. The makeup of the compliance department itself is something else to consider, noted Medina. White-collar investigations center around so much data today. “How do you gather voluminous terabytes of data? How do you produce the data?” he said. He wondered whether it makes sense for compliance to be combined with the information technology department in some way or to “maintain separate but dotted-line communications between the two?” Medina added that, anecdotally, in speaking with compliance officers, many organizations have AI and data analytics capabilities. More in Compliance Week