Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The proliferation of digitized data and rapid advancement of computational processing power has had a revolutionary, yet risk-intensive, effect across the globe. As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies rapidly develop, from autonomous vehicles to medical diagnoses to advanced manufacturing, new legal and ethical challenges arise. Goodwin is a leading firm at the intersection of AI, ML and the law, serving as a go-to resource for clients seeking advice on how to navigate the complex regulatory challenges pertaining to these ever-changing technologies.

We support the innovative thinkers of today so they can create the technologies of tomorrow, particularly leveraging our experience and depth of knowledge across intellectual property, technology, life sciences, healthcare, financial services, private equity, products liability, data privacy and more. Our lawyers are dedicated to addressing the growing number of AI and ML legal questions concerning patents, contracts, government regulation, torts and products liability, social justice issues, bias and/or discrimination, and privacy and data protection.

Our integrated, cross-industry team has represented a variety of clients with respect to AI + ML legal needs.

  • Advising a life sciences company in its collaboration and license agreement with an AI platform company to identify targets for its cell therapy technology for use in treating cancer
  • Advising a life sciences company in a strategic collaboration to create disease models and discovery targets for treatment of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)
  • Advising a technology company in its acquisition of IP and employees of an AI company
  • Various financing/fund/M&A transactions involving AI companies
  • Patent application and processing relating to AI software platforms for various clients

Goodwin’s advisory and litigation lawyers help AI and ML companies and investors achieve their business goals in an efficient, risk-mitigating fashion. Our services include:

  • Advising clients on transactions involving AI/ML technology
  • Advising clients on regulatory approval of AI-related products or technology
  • Advising clients who are investing in or raising funding for AI/ML companies
  • Providing counsel to clients in matters regarding intellectual property (IP) and privacy strategy for AI assets and platforms
  • Prosecuting patent applications claiming AI-related inventions
  • Executing due diligence on AI-related patents and other IP