In the Press
June 5, 2024

Us Federal Reserve Outlook: Private Credit Lenders Drop Expectations for Near-Term Rate Relief (PERE Credit)

Dianna Brummer, Real Estate partner, believes lenders and borrowers are heading into an environment in which the number of difficult choices dwarf the number of good ones as loans near maturity. "If the borrower can't get alternative financing to do refinance and doesn't have a capital source to inject equity sufficient to pay you off, they have the option of letting the maturity date come and exercising remedies including foreclosing," Brummer added. "But for a lender, is now the time to own that vacant office building, in downtown locations? Many times, the answer is no." Goodwin is seeing an increase in deeds in lieu of foreclosure and are also seeing more lenders selling notes to other lenders and investors who have more options for workouts, Brummer mentioned to PERE Credit.