Speaking Engagements May 25, 2021

NFT: Digital Assets Frontline

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the topic of discussion across the world and the next frontier in blockchain and digital asset technology!  The blockchain and digital asset landscape is ever-changing and NFTs are another example of the fast-paced change in the industry.  During this exciting and educational session, the Goodwin team led by Mitzi Chang, Grant Fondo and Karen Ubell helped attendees understand this new class of blockchain technology that is attracting attention across the industry and beyond.

This program outlined the key areas including:

  • What NFTs are AND why should you care about them
  • How NFTs work and the benefits (real or perceived)
  • Where NFTs fit within the larger blockchain ecosystem – NFTS vs. Fungible Tokens (Digital Assets)
  • Intellectual property rights implicated by these assets – Who owns what?
  • Regulatory challenges to navigate within the space
  • Current and future applications of NFTs – The range of potential across sports, digital art, real estate, fashion, ideas, etc.

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