Press Release July 13, 2021

Prime Medicine Launches with $315 Million Financing

The Life Sciences team advised Prime Medicine™ on its launch and funding rounds totaling $315 million.

Prime Medicine is a biotechnology company founded to deliver on the promise of Prime Editing, a versatile gene editing technology that can truly "search and replace" to restore normal genetic function and address the fundamental causes of disease.

Prime Medicine benefits from a relationship with Beam Therapeutics. Prime and Beam both emerged from the laboratory of Dr. David R. Liu and have built a partnership to form a collaborative approach to fighting disease and accelerating the development of Prime Editing to deliver therapies for patients. In the areas of partnership, Prime Medicine and Beam share research, expertise, and intellectual property for assays, know-how, delivery, and manufacturing.

The financing comprised a $115 million Series A and a $200 million Series B financing approximately nine months after the company began operations. The funds raised will be used to continue building the company, rapidly advance towards clinical indications, expand the capabilities of the platform, and to further enhance the exceptional promise of Prime Editing.

The Goodwin team was led by Kingsley Taft, Erin Svokos, and Mulon Luo, and included Nathan Needle and Jay Yaworski.

For more details, read the press release and articles in Endpoints, Fierce Biotech, and The Boston Globe.