In The Press May 02, 2022

Deal Watch: The Biggest Deal News of the Week Is the Lack of Deals for the Week (

For the second time in three weeks, there was discussion at about postponing the normally weekly Deal Watch column due to, well, a lack of deals. But it turns out that the lack of activity is a story in and of itself. “I am just one mere lawyer, but I think that it is dangerous to read too much into what, for lack of a better word, is generic data,” Stuart Cable, vice chairman at Goodwin and global chair of the firm’s Mergers and Acquisitions practice, said. “It’s not one M&A market. It’s multiple markets in terms of deal type and in terms of industry.” Cable said for Goodwin, which leans heavily into tech and life sciences, a revaluation of companies in those industries over the past three to six months is slowing things down. But, he also said he has seen this before. Read the article here.