Daniel Lindsey is a partner in Goodwin’s Private Equity group and Debt Finance practice. Mr. Lindsey has extensive experience on a variety of debt finance transactions acting primarily for private equity sponsors and private credit funds, with a particular focus on cross-border leveraged and acquisition financing transactions and financings for funds and their GPs/management companies. His experience also extends to recaps, debt restructurings, distressed debt investments, special situation financings, margin loans, minority ‘back leverage’ financings and mezzanine financings.

Mr. Lindsey has been listed as a rising star partner for leveraged finance in IFLR1000 (31st edition).

Prior to joining Goodwin, Mr. Lindsey was a partner in the Hong Kong office of Kirkland & Ellis, and previously practised at Linklaters. Mr. Lindsey has been based in Asia (Beijing and Hong Kong) since February 2012. Prior to moving to Asia, he was based in London. Mr. Lindsey speaks English and conversational Mandarin.

Daniel Lindsey律师是高赢国际律师事务所债务融资和私募股权部的合伙人。Lindsey律师拥有代表私募基金发起人和私募债权基金进行各种债务融资交易的丰富经验,并侧重于跨境杠杆融资和收购融资交易以及为基金及普通合伙人或管理公司提供融资。他的经验还包括资产重组、债务重组、不良债务投资、特殊情况融资、保证金贷款、少数股东“反向杠杆”融资和夹层融资等。

Lindsey律师最近被《国际金融法律评论》(IFLR1000) 评为杠杆融资领域的合伙人新星。

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Mr. Lindsey’s experience includes representation of:

  • FountainVest Partners
    • on the leveraged financing for its acquisition of Dairy Queen and Papa John’s Pizza in China 
    • on the leveraged financing for its acquisition of CJ Rokin Logistics and Supply Chain
    • on the financing aspects of other transactions and potential transactions
  • LionRock Capital
    • on the debt restructuring in connection with its acquisition of a majority stake in leading shoe manufacturer and retailer Clarks
    • on the financing aspects of its acquisition of International Sports Capital S.p.A., which holds 31.05% shares in the football club Inter Milan
    • on the financing by Oaktree Capital to entities affiliated with Inter Milan
  • East West Bank on the financing in connection with the acquisition by Lunar Capital of a majority stake in The Women’s Clinic Group
  • PAG Asia (and, later, Madison Pacific) as security agent in respect of the sale of secured assets and distribution of related proceeds in connection with a financing to the Zhonghong Group for the purchase of shares in SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: SEAS)
  • Hillhouse Capital
    • the financial adviser for a consortium led by Hillhouse Capital and comprising CDH and certain management in its US$6.8 billion privatization of Belle International Holdings Limited by way of a scheme of arrangement*
    • on the financing aspects of other transactions and potential transactions
  • A number of Asia-based funds on their subscription line, GP and management fee facilities
  • PG Impact Investments on its mezzanine debt investment into i-Finance Leasing PLC
  • Starcrest Capital in connection with a debt restructuring transaction
  • Apax Partners on the unitranche leveraged financing for the buy-out of Healthium Medtech in India, the first unitranche financing for an Asia leveraged buy-out (ex Australia)*
  • Carlyle
    • Carlyle, CITIC Limited and CITIC Capital Holdings on the leveraged financing for their acquisition of McDonald’s China and Hong Kong*
    • on the leveraged financing for its acquisition of VXI Global Solutions*
  • Ally Bridge Group, on the financing to fund its joint offer with a consortium established by an affiliate of the target company’s controlling shareholder and GL Capital Group, in its HK$2.34 billion (US$300 million) privatization offer for the H shares of Shandong Luoxin Pharmaceutical Group (HKSE: 8058) by way of a voluntary conditional cash offer*
  • Baring Private Equity Asia
    • on the US$750 million first and second lien term loan B leveraged facilities for its acquisition of Vistra and the bolt-on of Orangefield*
    • the Special Committee of the Board of Directors of NYSE-listed Nord Anglia Education Inc. in connection with its acquisition by a consortium led by funds affiliated with Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and Baring Private Equity Asia. The transaction was named “PE Deal of the Year” by The Asia Legal Awards 2018*
    • the arrangers on a US$850 million leveraged term facility and US$450 million subordinated limited recourse vendor loan note to finance the US$3 billion leveraged buyout of US-listed Chinese online games developer and operator Giant Interactive Group by a consortium led by Baring Private Equity Asia, CDH and Hony Capital*
  • The financial adviser for CVC Capital Partners US$1.1 billion privatization of Nirvana Asia by way of a scheme of arrangement*
  • The financial adviser in the US$6.3 billion pre-conditional voluntary general offer by COSCO Shipping Holdings Co., Ltd. and Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd. to acquire all the shares of Orient Overseas (International) Limited*
  • Studio City, a major leisure and entertainment operator based in Macau, on the refinancing of its HK$10,855,880,000 senior secured term loan and revolving facilities agreement with an aggregate of approximately US$1.23 billion senior secured notes and a super senior term and revolving credit facility*
  • Grand Baoxin Auto Group Limited (HKSE: 1293) in its US$763,400,000 syndicated term loan facility (with a green shoe option up to US$86,600,000) guaranteed by its onshore parent, China Grand Automotive Services Co., Ltd. (600297.SSE), in connection with the refinancing of a US$750,000,000 term loan facility*
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China on a US$1.5 billion oil-backed Sinosure covered prepayment financing in favour of PDVSA, the Venezuelan state-owned oil company*

Prior to moving to Hong Kong, Mr. Lindsey was based in London, where he served as counsel to:

  • The lender syndicate on the CHF 2bn senior bank, pari passu bond and subordinated bond financing of Apax’s acquisition of Orange Switzerland from France Telecom*
  • The club of lenders on the P2P acquisition financing for the Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Limited led consortium (CKI) bid for Northumbrian Water Group plc*
  • CVC France on its take-private acquisition of Delachaux*
  • The mandated lead arrangers and underwriters in connection with the LBO of Anheuser-Busch InBev’s central and eastern European operations by CVC Capital Partners*

*Denotes experience prior to joining Goodwin.


  • 方源资本
    • 以杠杆收购方式收购冰雪皇后(Dairy Queen)和棒约翰(Papa John’s)中国业务
    • 以杠杆收购方式收购希杰荣庆物流供应链有限公司(CJ Rokin Logistics and Supply Chain)
    • 处理其他交易和潜在交易的融资
  • 莱恩资本
    • 处理其收购领先鞋类制造商和零售商Clarks的多数股权及相关的债务重组事宜
    • 对持有国际米兰足球俱乐部31.05%的股份的International Sports Capital S.p.A.进行的收购进行融资
    • 处理橡树资本(Oaktree Capital)对国际米兰附属实体提供的融资
  • 华美银行(East West Bank)处理云月资本(Lunar Capital)收购宝德医务集团(The Women’s Clinic Group)多数股权的融资事宜
  • 太盟投资集团(后麦迪森太平洋)作为担保代理人,出售担保资产和分配与中弘卓业集团购买海洋世界娱乐公司(Seaworld Entertainment, Inc.)(纽约证券交易所股票代码:SEAS)的股份融资有关的相关收益
  • 高瓴资本
    • 代表由高瓴资本牵头、包括鼎晖投资和若干管理层人员在内的财团的财务顾问处理通过协议计划对百丽国际控股有限公司进行的68亿美元的私有化*
    • 处理其他交易和潜在交易的融资
  • 多家亚洲基金有关认购授信额度融资普通合伙人和管理费融资
  • PG Impact Investmentsi-Finance Leasing PLC 进行夹层债务投资
  • 星峰资本有关其支持的公司的一项债务重组交易
  • Apax Partners通过Unitranche这一高级债务和次级债务结合后的融资方式,收购印度医疗器械制造商Healthium Medtech,此为亚洲(澳大利亚以外)通过Unitranche融资进行杠杆收购的首例*
  • 凯雷
    • 代表凯雷中信麦当劳中国和香港进行的收购进行杠杆融资*
    • 就凯雷收购VXI Global Solutions交易中的杠杆融资提供法律服务*
  • 汇桥资本集团在与目标上市公司控股股东联属公司及德福资本集团组成的财团作为联合要约人,通过自愿有条件现金要约以23.4亿港元(约3亿美元)全面收购山东罗欣药业集团股份有限公司(香港联交所股票代码:8058)的H股并进行私有化及退市的交易中,就联合要约的融资事宜提供法律咨询服务*
  • 霸菱亚洲
    • 就其用以收购瑞致达公司并对Orangefield进行补强型收购有关的7.5亿美元第一和第二留置权定期贷款B资本事宜提供法律咨询服务*
    • 代表纽交所上市公司Nord Anglia Education Inc.董事会特别委员会处理由加拿大养老金计划投资局和霸菱亚洲的关联基金牵头的财团对其进行的收购。此交易荣获2018年亚洲法律大奖年度最佳私募股权交易*
    • 代表安排行就一项8.5亿美元杠杆定期贷款和4.5亿美元从属有限追索卖方贷款票据提供法律咨询服务,上述融资用于由霸菱亚洲鼎晖和弘毅资本牵头的联合体对美国上市的中国网络游戏开发商和运营商巨人网络有限公司进行的30亿美元杠杆收购*
  • 财务顾问就CVC Capital Partners通过协议安排方式对Nirvana Asia进行11亿美元私有化提供法律咨询服务*
  • 财务顾问参与中远海运控股股份有限公司和上海国际港务(集团)股份有限公司63亿美元的附条件的自愿全面要约,以收购东方海外(国际)有限公司的全部股份*
  • 新濠影汇就其10,855,880,000港元高级有担保定期贷款的再融资以及循环贷款协议提供法律咨询服务,其中涉及总计约12.3亿美元高级有担保票据和超高级定期循环信贷*
  • 广汇宝信汽车集团有限公司(香港联交所股票代码:1293)处理其763,400,000美元银团定期贷款融资事宜(绿鞋期权最高为86,600,000美元),该贷款由其境内母公司广汇汽车服务股份公司(上海证券交易所股票代码:600297)担保,用于对一笔750,000,000美元定期贷款的再融资*
  • 中国工商银行就15亿美元石油支持的、中信保承保的、以委内瑞拉国有石油公司PDVSA为收益人的预付款融资提供法律咨询服务*


  • 代表贷款人银团就Apax从法国电信收购Orange Switzerland的20亿瑞士法郎高级银行、同等顺位债券和次级债券融资提供法律咨询服务*
  • 代表贷款人团体就长江基建集团有限公司牵头的联合体(“长江基建”)竞购Northumbrian Water Group plc.的P2P收购融资提供法律咨询服务*
  • 代表CVC France就其对Delachaux的私有化收购提供法律咨询服务*
  • 授权牵头安排行和承销商就CVC Capital Partners杠杆收购安海斯-布希英博(Anheuser-Busch InBev)中东欧洲业务提供法律咨询服务*


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Legal Practice Course, 2007
University of Law, London Moorgate
Bachelors of Law, 2006
University of Sheffield


专业法律实践文凭, 2007
文学学士, 2006
谢菲尔德大学(University of Sheffield)



Hong Kong SAR
England and Wales (Reg. Foreign Lawyer)



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