Dr. Wenseng “Wendy” Pan, partner in Goodwin’s Technology & Life Sciences group, focuses on mergers and acquisitions, technology-based transactions, strategic partnerships and financing transactions, especially in the life sciences and technology industries and in cross-border settings. She leads Goodwin’s life sciences practice in Asia.

Dr. Pan has advised private equity firms in leveraged buy-outs and has represented financial institutions, technology, media and telecoms (TMT), biopharmaceutical, manufacturing, publishing, electronics companies and retail chains in stock and/or cash acquisitions, mergers, tender offers and going-private transactions. She has advised on mergers and acquisitions transactions with an aggregate value over US$10 billion. Dr. Pan also advises on company formation, corporate governance, private and public financings.

Dr. Pan has advised life sciences companies and technology companies in structuring and negotiating complex strategic transactions and other commercial arrangements. Her practice covers product and technology licensing, strategic partnerships and joint venture formations and research, product development and commercialization collaborations as well as mergers and acquisitions and private investments. She has deep experience in representing licensors as well as licensees, involving a broad spectrum of technologies.  As a former scientist and a registered U.S. patent attorney, she possesses a unique set of skills for counseling her clients on intellectual property related issues.

Her deep legal experiences, coupled with her unparalleled understanding about the business and technologies and her pragmatic approach, have made her a trusted advisor and go-to person in the U.S.-China life sciences communities. According to one of her clients, she “is an incredibly intelligent lawyer who finds solutions for her clients. She is very personable and responsive – very good to deal with. I recommend her highly. She is one of the few lawyers in China on whom I rely, she understands both the Chinese and U.S. markets.” She has been recognized as a “deal broker” by BioWorld Today.

Dr. Pan has been recognized by IFLR1000 as a leading lawyer for M&A. She was also a recipient of the Legal Services Award by China M&A Association. In addition, she is recognized in the 2016 edition of Who’s Who Legal: Life Sciences (Transactional).

She is a member of the Board of Directors of The BayHelix Group, a not-for-profit organization with the mission to shape the growth of the life sciences and healthcare industry around the Pacific Rim and beyond.

Prior to joining Goodwin, Dr. Pan was a partner at Sidley Austin LLP. She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English.



潘律师曾代表深圳华大基因公司收购一家美国纳斯达克上市公司,是中国公司成功收购美国上市公司的首例。她也曾代表中国领先的国有出版集团江苏凤凰出版传媒股份有限公司,通过其在中国上海自由贸易区设立的一家间接拥有的子公司,从Publications International ltd收购其儿童图书业务,是中国在媒体/出版行业成功对外收购的首例。


潘律师深厚的执业能力,加上她对企业业务和科技无可比拟的深刻理解和务实的态度,使她成为中美两地生命科学界信赖和首选的法律顾问。据她的一位客户说,潘律师“是一名非常聪明的律师,总能为客户找到解决方案。她和蔼可亲,反馈迅速——和她合作是乐事。我高度推荐她。她是少数我信赖的中国律师之一。她了解中美两地市场。”潘律师获BioWorld Today评为“擅于促成交易的人”。




Areas of Practice
Domaines D’Expertise





Dr. Pan’s experience in M&A and IP-related transactions in the life sciences, technology and other industries includes advising:

Mergers & Acquisitions; Joint Venture and PE Investments in Life Sciences Industry

  • Xynomic in its merger with Bison Capital Acquisition Corp., a SPAC, in a Nasdaq IPO through a reverse take-over.*
  • Harbour BioMed in its financing by Advantech and Legend Capital and its subsequent acquisition of Harbour Antibodies BV.*
  • Lundbeck in its acquisition of Ovation Pharmaceuticals.*
  • LYFE Capital in its sale of shares in Hangzhou Kangji Medical to TPG Asia.*
  • Fresenius in its acquisition of calcitriol injectable asset from Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals.*
  • Ikaria in its sale of INOvent® to GE Healthcare Systems.*
  • Arch and Venrock in Hua Medicine’s $50m Series C financing.*
  • Mevion, a U.S. medical device company, in forming a joint venture with Hopu and Yuanming.*
  • BGI in its acquisition of Complete Genomics, Inc. through a tender offer.*
  • K&L Consulting in its merger with Fountain Medical.*
  • Tasly Pharmaceutical Holdings in forming a joint venture with Herbalife.*
  • Aland Nutrition Holding Limited in its acquisition of Zhejiang Catalent Jiangyuantang Biotechnology from Catalent Singapore.*
  • Catalent in establishing a joint venture with Shangpharma.*
  • Charles River in acquiring 75% ownership of Vital River.*
  • Stiefel (a GlaxoSmithKline company) in acquiring WBI-1001 from Welichem.*
  • China Kanghui Holdings in its US$816 million sale to Medtronic.*
  • LifeTech Scientific Corp in its global strategic partnership with Broncus Technology Inc.*
  • Ambrx in its sale to a Chinese consortium consisting of Fosun, WuxiApptec, Everbright and Hopu.*


Mergers & Acquisitions; Joint Venture and PE Investments in Other Industries

  • Jiangsu Phoenix Education Publishing Co., Ltd. in acquiring Publication International Ltd.*
  • HID, a subsidiary of Assa Abloy, in acquiring Shenzhen Peak Electronics and related restructuring.*
  • CBC Capital in forming a joint venture with LinkedIn.*
  • Alibaba in its investment in visa services company ByeCity.*
  • Sailing Capital as a co-investor in the Series F financing for Mobileye N.V.*
  • Warner Brothers in forming a joint venture with Tencent.*
  • VIP  Store in  obtaining an equity investment from, and forming a commercial partnership with, Macy’s.*
  • Changyou.com in its acquisition of 17173.com from Sohu.*
  • Loews Corporation in its acquisition of publicly owned shares of Bulova Corporation.*
  • Koninklijke Philips Electronics in its acquisition of Voice Control Systems through a tender offer.*
  • Intermedia Communications in its $1.3 billion merger with a subsidiary of WorldCom.*
  • Ultimate Electronics, Inc. in its asset sale to Mark Wattles Enterprises.*
  • Avis Fleet Leasing and Management Corporation in its stock acquisition of First Fleet Corporation.*
  • JLL Partners in its stock acquisition of CHI Overhead Doors valued.*
  • Ford Motor Company in its acquisition of The Beanstalk Group and its affiliated entities.*
  • Desai Capital Management in its investment in, and restructuring of, Mitchell’s Formal Wear.*

Life Sciences Strategic Partnership & Licensing Transactions

  • Shenzhen Salubris in its licensing and collaboration transaction with Japan Tobacco to obtain an exclusive license under JT’s intellectual property rights related to a hypoxia inducible factor in the Greater China.
  • A Chinese biotech company in obtaining from AstraZeneca an exclusive global license to AZD4547, a Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptors (FGFR) inhibitor for FGFR-driven cancers.
  • Ambrx in its licensing and collaboration transaction with Novocodex Biopharmaceuticals to jointly develop and commercialize Ambrx’s internally developed novel site-specific antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).
  • Ambrx in entering a global research and development collaboration and license agreement with Beigene.*
  • Transcenta in obtaining exclusive licenses from Eli Lilly on a portfolio of novel biotherapeutics programs.*
  • Novocure in granting an exclusive license to Zai Lab.*
  • Everest Medicine in obtaining from Novartis an exclusive global license on FGF401.*
  • Laekna in obtaining from Novartis an exclusive global license on ASB183 and UPB795 and CFG920.*
  • Suzhou Kintor in obtaining from Pfizer an exclusive, worldwide license on PF-03446962.*
  • Merus N.V. in its strategic collaboration with Simcere on multiple bispecific antibodies.*
  • Xinogen in its license and collaboration agreement with Angiochem on ANG1005.*
  • Harbour BioMed Holdings in obtaining exclusive licenses to two antibody programs from HanAll.*
  • Xynomic in obtaining exclusive global licenses to abexinostat from Abbvie and two oncology programs from Boehringer Ingelheim.*
  • Armetheon in its licensing and collaboration agreement with Lee’s Pharmaceuticals on Tecarfrin.*
  • The Medicines Company in its licensing and strategic partnership agreement with SynBio Pharmaceuticals Inc. for IONSYS®.*
  • GlaxoSmithKline in connection with its research collaboration and license agreement with PeptiDream.*
  • GlaxoSmithKline in connection with the amendment of its Research Collaboration, License and Option Agreement with Isis Pharmaceuticals.*
  • Takeda in connection with its licensing and development and commercialization collaboration with Intra-Cellular Therapies in order to develop selective phosphodiesterase type 1 (PDE1) inhibitors.*
  • Lundbeck in connection with its collaboration and services agreement with Zenobia Therapeutics and Vernalis (R&D) Limited for developing drug candidates that inhibit LRRK2 activity.*
  • Lundbeck in its licensing and development and commercialization collaboration agreement with Kyowa Hakko Kirin regarding adenosine A2A antagonist products.*
  • GlaxoSmithKline in its antisense drug collaboration with Isis Pharmaceuticals for the development and commercialization of therapeutics for rare disease and infectious diseases.*
  • Valeant’s predecessor Biovail in its collaboration with Alexza Pharmaceuticals to develop and commercialize Staccato Loxapine and with Acadia Pharmaceuticals to develop and commercialize Pimavanserin.*
  • Takeda in its development and commercialization collaboration and technology transfer transaction with Alnylam relating to RNAi therapeutics.*
  • Shire in its development and commercialization collaboration with Alba Therapeutics for AT-1001.*
  • Adolor in its strategic collaboration with Pfizer for delta opioid agonists.*
  • Cardiokine in its development and commercialization collaboration with Biogen Idec for lixivaptan.*

Non-Life Sciences Technology Transactions

  • Globex in several exclusive license and distribution agreements for online game products development and distributions.*
  • China Distant Education Limited in software license and distribution agreements for distributing online educational products.*
  • Coursera, a leading provider of free online education, in its license and collaboration agreement with NetEase, one of China's largest Internet companies.*
  • Montage, a China-based technology company in negotiating a product supply agreement with Samsung.*
  • Valurise Health Solutions, Inc. (VHS) to enter into a multi-year license and collaboration agreement with Mayo Clinic.*
  • A medical device company in its manufacturing and supply agreement with a contract manufacturer for its proprietary disposable insulin delivery devices.* 
  • A world’s leader in Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry (MCOT) in its Services Agreement relating to its proprietary MCOT System.*
  • A world leader in computer processors in its licensing and development collaboration agreement with the medical device division of a global biopharmaceutical company.*
  • A global electronics manufacturer in connection with its development of components of cardio physiological circulatory support system controller for a medical device company.* 
  • A global electronics manufacturer in its Product Development Services Agreement with the medical device division of a global biopharmaceutical company.* 

*Denotes experience prior to joining Goodwin.



  • XynomicSPAC壳公司贝森资本收购公司(Bison Capital Acquisition Corp.)合并,通过反向收购在纳斯达克进行上市。*
  • 和铂医药(Harbour BioMed)通过尚珹資本(Advantech Capital)和君联资本(Legend Capital)进行融资,以及随后收购Harbour Antibodies BV*
  • 丹麦制药公司Lundbeck收购美国Ovation制药公司。*
  • 济峰资本(LYFE Capital)向亚洲德太投资(TPG Asia)出售其杭州康基医疗器械的股份。*
  • 费森尤斯(Fresenius)收购Xanodyne制药公司的钙三醇注射资产。*
  • IkariaGE医疗系统(GE Healthcare Systems)出售INOvent®产品。*
  • ArchVenrock对华领医药进行5000万美元C轮投资。*
  • 美国医疗设备公司Mevion与厚朴和元明資本成立一家中国合资公司。*
  • 华大基因研究院通过要约收购向Complete Genomics, Inc.进行收购。*
  • 上海鸿灵企业管理咨询公司与方恩医药进行合并。*
  • 天士力医药集团与康宝莱公司(Herbalife)成立合资公司。*
  • 艾兰得(香港)营养控股有限公司从新加坡Catalent制药公司收购浙江康泰伦特江元堂生物科技公司。*
  • Catalent与尚华医药成立合资公司。*
  • 查尔斯河实验室(Charles River)收购维通利华(Vital River75%的拥有权。*
  • StiefelGalxoSmithKyLine公司)从WeligHEM获取抗炎剂WBI-1001*
  • 中国康辉控股(China Kanghui Holdings)以8.16亿美元出售予美敦力(Medtronic)。*
  • 先健科技公司与Broncus技术公司建立全球战略性合作伙伴关系。*
  • Ambrx出售予由复星、药明康德、光大和厚朴组成的中国财团。*


  • 江苏凤凰出版传媒股份有限公司收购Publications International公司。*
  • 亚萨合莱(ASSA ABLOY)的子公司HID收购深圳市披克电子公司及相关的重整事宜。*
  • 宽带资本(CBC Capital)与领英(LinkedIn)成立合资公司。*
  • 阿里巴巴对签证服务公司再见城市网(Byecity)进行投资。*
  • 作为共同投资者的赛领资本参与Mobileye N.V.F轮融资。*
  • 华纳兄弟与腾讯成立合资公司。*
  • VIP Store获梅西百货(Macy’s)进行股权投资,并与梅西百货建立商业合作关系。*
  • 畅游网从搜狐收购17173.com*
  • 洛斯保险(Loews Corporation)收购宝路华公司(Bulova Corporation)的公共持有股份。*
  • 皇家飞利浦电子公司(Koninklijke Philips Electronics)通过要约收购对Voice Control Systems进行收购。*
  • Intermedia Communications与世通公司(WorldCom)进行合并,价值13亿美元。*
  • Ultimate Electronics, Inc.Mark Wattles Enterprises出售资产。*
  • Avis Fleet Leasing and Management CorporationFirst Fleet Corporation进行股权收购。*
  • JLL Partners收购CHI Overhead Doors的股权。*
  • 福特汽车公司收购The Beanstalk 集团及其附属公司。*
  • 德赛资本管理公司(Desai Capital Management)投资并重组Mitchell’s Formal Wear*


  • Everest Medicine公司从诺华(Novartis)获得FGF401的独家全球许可权。*
  • Laekna从诺华获得ASB183UPB795CFG920的独家全球许可权。*
  • 苏州开拓从辉瑞(Pfizer)获得PF-03446962的独家全球许可权。*
  • Merus N.V.Simcere就多种双功能抗体进行战略合作。*
  • XinogenAngiochemAng1005签署许可和合作协议。*
  • Harbour Biomed HoldingsHanall获得两个抗体项目的独家许可权。*
  • XynomicAbbvie获得Abexinostat的独家全球许可权,并从Boehringer Ingelheim获得两个肿瘤学项目。*
  • Armetheon与李氏大药厂就Tecarfrin签订了许可和合作协议。*
  • 麦迪逊医药公司(The Medicines Company)与SynBio制药公司就IONSYS®签署许可和战略合作协议。*
  • 葛兰素史克公司(GlaxoSmithKline)与PeptiDream的研究合作和许可协议。*
  • 葛兰素史克公司(GlaxoSmithKline)修改其与ISIS制药公司的研究合作、许可和期权协议。*
  • 武田制药与细胞内疗法的许可、开发和商品化合作,以开发选择性磷酸二酯酶1型(PDE1)抑制剂。*
  • LundbeckZenobia TherapeuticsVernalisR&DLimited签订合作和服务协议,开发抑制LRRK2活性的候选药物。*
  • LundbeckKyowa Hakko Kirin就腺苷A2A拮抗剂产品签订了许可、开发和商品化合作协议。*
  • 葛兰素史克公司与ISIS制药公司合作开发和商品化罕见疾病和传染病治疗药物。*
  • Valeant(前称Biovail)与阿莱克萨制药(Alexza Pharmaceuticals)合作,开发和商品化Staccato Loxapine,与Acadia Pharmaceuticals合作开发和商品化Pimavanserin*
  • 武田制药与AlnylamRNAI治疗进行开发和商品化合作和进行技术转让交易。*
  • 夏尔公司(Shire)与Alba Therapeutics合作开发和商品化AT-1001*
  • Adolor与辉瑞就鸦片Delta激动剂进行战略合作。*
  • CardiokineBiogen-Idec合作开发和商品化Lixivaptan*


  • Globex为在线游戏产品的开发和发行签订了几项独家许可和发行协议。*
  • 正保远程教育有限公司有关分销在线教育产品的软件许可和分销协议。*
  • 免费在线教育的领先供应商Coursera,与中国最大的互联网公司之一网易签订了许可和合作协议。*
  • 澜起科技,一家总部位于中国的技术公司,与三星谈判产品供应协议。*
  • Valurise Health SolutionsInc.VHS)与Mayo Clinic签订一份多年期许可和合作协议。*
  • 一家医疗器械公司与一家合同制造商就其专有的一次性胰岛素输送设备签订了制造和供应协议。*
  • 一家全球移动心脏门诊遥测(MCOT)的领先公司关于其专有的MCOT系统的服务协议。*
  • 一家世界领先的计算机处理器公司与一家全球生物制药公司的医疗器械部门签订的许可和开发合作协议。*
  • 一家全球电子制造商,为一家医疗设备公司开发心脏生理循环支持系统控制器组件。*
  • 一家全球电子制造商与一家全球生物制药公司的医疗器械部门签订的产品开发服务协议。*


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J.D., 1998
Columbia University School of Law
(Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar; Editor, Columbia Journal of Asian Law)
Ph.D., Chemistry, 1995
Columbia University
(Pegram Award)
B.S., 1989
Fudan University
(First Class honors)


法学博士, 1998
(获得Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar荣誉,担任《哥伦比亚亚洲法杂志》编辑)
哲学博士, Chemistry, 1995
(Pegram Award)
理学士学位, 1989



HK Registered Foreign Lawyer (New York)
New York
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)



香港注册外国律师 (美国纽约州)
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