Alert April 03, 2007

Financial Services Alert - April 3, 2007

  • OTS Proposes Expanding Permissible Activities of Savings and Loan Holding Companies
  • Federal Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit Vacates SEC Rule that Expands Advisers Act Exception for Broker‑Dealers
  • Banking Trade Groups Urge Agencies to Permit “Standardized” Basel II Approach; Opt-In to Basel IA
  • OTS Modifies CRA Rule to Align it to CRA Rules of Other Federal Banking Agencies
  • FRB Chairman Bernanke Responds to Senate Inquiry about Basel II Impact and Timing
  • IOSCO Seeks Comment on Proposed Hedge Fund Portfolio Valuation Principles
  • OCIE Director Discusses Adviser Examinations
  • OCC Issues Letter Concluding that Investment in SBA Loan Fund Complies with Community Development and Public Welfare Investment Requirements