Alert July 31, 2007

Financial Services Alert - July 31, 2007

  • FRB Grants Risk-Based Relief for Margin Loans
  • Federal District Court Dismisses Excessive Fee Suit against Mutual Fund Adviser and Distributor
  • SEC Chairman Issues Letter Concluding that a Mortgagor’s Modification of Securitized Loans when Default is “Reasonably Foreseeable,” but Before Default Occurs, Does Not Violate FAS 140
  • SEC Adopts Proxy Rule Changes Mandating Internet Availability of Proxy Materials
  • SEC Staff Issues Denial of No-Action Request Regarding Broker-Dealer Registration to Company Acting as a Financial Consultant and Finder of Investors for Small Businesses
  • SEC Staff Publishes Information Designed to Assist Newly Registered Investment Advisers in Understanding Advisers Act Compliance Obligations
  • SEC Votes to Issue Concept Release Soliciting Public Comment on Use of International Financial Reporting Standards by U.S. Issuers