Goodwin Insights August 01, 2016

NBI Client Highlight: Eat-In-Style

Catering, Jamaica Plain, MA

Transactions: Contracts (Catering) • Business Negotiations 

“When I first worked with Goodwin attorneys it was on a contract matter. All I wanted to do was cook. What did I know about contracts? It was really nice to have someone to talk through the issues. A couple of years later my business had reached a plateau. At the same time, I had an opportunity to join CropCircle Kitchen. I started consulting on kitchen operations and inventory. Just a few years later, I’m on everything detail and we have a waiting list – there is such demand for kitchen space!”

Darnell Adams, former Managing Director of Commonwealth Kitchen Inc. (formerly known as CropCircle Kitchen) and former Owner of Eat-in-Style, LLC

“We counseled Darnell as she negotiated with a catering client. My role was to arm her with an understanding of what her legal rights and obligations were, to help her understand her client’s position and to develop a strategy for negotiating. It was the first opportunity I ever had to counsel a client through a negotiation. I found the experience rewarding because we were able to transform what was otherwise a fairly frightening experience (being threatened with a law suit) into an experience that was empowering. She was able to negotiate a resolution that she thought was fair. And, in the process, she also gained a deeper understanding of the need to have clear and unambiguous contracts.”