Big Molecule Watch
June 1, 2017

Pfizer files two IPR petitions on Genentech’s Patent Directed to Methods of Making Humanized Antibodies

Pfizer, Inc. has filed two petitions (IPR2017-01488 and IPR2017-01489) challenging claims of U.S. Patent No. 6,407,213 (“the’213 patent”). According to the petitions, the ’213 patent is directed to methods of making humanized antibodies. The petitions do not identify a particular product that may use the patented methods. IPR petitions challenging the ’213 patent were previously filed by Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IPR2016-01693 and IPR2016-01694) and  Celltrion, Inc. (IPR2017-01373 and IPR2017-01374).  Mylan’s IPR petitions were terminated prior to institution after the filing of Joint Motions to Terminate.

The petitions are posted on our IPR Tracker page, along with other selected documents from IPRs of biologic patents.