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July 11, 2022

Goodwin Actively Hiring Science Advisors for IP Litigation Group

Goodwin is actively seeking Science Advisors to join its Intellectual Property (IP) Litigation group. IP litigation requires both an understanding of the law and a firm handle on the technical aspects of the patents at issue, especially when the patents cover complex technologies including those in the pharmaceutical space. “Science Advisors are an integral part of most, if not all, case teams in pharma IP litigation,” says Elaine Blais, Head of Litigation in Goodwin’s Boston office and a member of the IP Litigation Steering Committee. “They make sure that our case teams have a mastery of the technologies at issue and contribute to the technical aspects of our litigation strategies so that we can represent our clients to the best of our abilities.”

Science Advisors work alongside case teams to assist with the technical aspects of litigation. In the early stages of a matter, Science Advisors familiarize the rest of the case team with the claimed subject matter and assess technical issues related to patent infringement and validity. As the matter continues to develop, Science Advisors work with the rest of the legal team to develop strategy as well as work closely with expert witnesses.  “Interacting with expert witnesses is one of my favorite parts of being a Science Advisor,” says Zachariah Holmes, Ph.D. “It’s an incredible opportunity to discuss theories with some of the world’s leading scientists and to act as a liaison between these experts and my associate colleagues.”

Although these Ph.D. scientists have transitioned from the lab bench to the law firm, Goodwin’s Science Advisors remain closely connected to the science. “I learn about new technology on every case team that I’m a part of. Even though I’m no longer doing research in the lab, I’m still using my scientific and problem solving skills I developed as part of my graduate program training,” says Yoko Bian, Ph.D. Science Advisors are often responsible for reviewing the scientific literature for scientific field of interest, requiring a critical eye while reading publications and a keen ability to communicate their disclosures to an audience of varied scientific backgrounds.

Some Science Advisors decide to pursue a J.D. to further their legal training and knowledge of the law. “I never thought I would be afforded the chance to attend law school, especially after my time in academia. But Goodwin supported me throughout my part-time evening law program and eventually through the bar exam. I’m lucky to have found a fantastic career that enables me to continue to use my technical training both as a lawyer and a scientist!” says Beth Ashbridge, Ph.D., now a third year associate in the firm.

Goodwin’s Science Advisor program is an excellent opportunity for a scientist with excellent written and verbal communication skills who is looking to start a career in intellectual property litigation. If you have strong academic credentials and an M.D. or Ph.D. in biology, chemistry, molecular biophysics, or a related field, view the job postings for our Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C. offices and apply today! For inquiries regarding Goodwin’s IP Litigation Science Advisor program or applying for the Science Advisor role, contact Jennifer Soltau, Talent Acquisition. Contact Zachariah Holmes or Beth Ashbridge for questions regarding their experience as Science Advisors in Goodwin’s IP Litigation business unit.

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