Case Study
January 23, 2016

A Sweeter Pill to Swallow

That was the creative and technical challenge brought to food innovation company Mattson by their client, ERZO. Mattson reached out to Goodwin lawyers to help find creative solutions to the regulatory aspect of the proprietary formula they developed. This collaboration enabled ERZO’s innovative prenatal vitamin biscuit to hit store shelves in Spring 2016.
From ideation, concept, and design to formulation, scale up, and branding, Mattson is one of the world’s leading food innovation companies, helping both large and small manufacturers deliver new and enterprising products.

Mattson start-up client ERZO was developing a groundbreaking vitamin delivery system in a food for special dietary use – to help pregnant women who found conventional prenatal vitamins too hard to swallow or just unpalatable during pregnancy. Tasked with developing the innovative product and bringing it to market, Mattson asked Goodwin lawyers to advise on potential regulatory hurdles regarding formulation and compliance. 

Because the daily recommendation for prenatal vitamins is higher than what is typically found in food form, formulation became a challenge – one that Goodwin’s leading Food Industry Practice was eager to accept.

Goodwin reviewed the initial ERZO formula and scrutinized the regulations regarding potential methods for vitamin delivery. Goodwin lawyers worked collaboratively with Mattson’s product development team on formulation issues to create an innovative approach to fit the research and design mandate from ERZO while being compliant with regulations.

Goodwin’s creative legal solutions and Mattson’s product development work led to the pioneering and proprietary formula, so that ERZO could produce its appetizing prenatal vitamin biscuit. Pregnant women now have ERZO’s innovative and tasty alternative allowing them to get the crucial vitamins that they and their babies need. Fueled by their belief that access to proper nutrition through vitamins is a basic human right, ERZO has also partnered with Vitamin Angels to support its charitable mission to donate critical vitamins to mothers and children in need.